So, you've just completed your very first book. Take a moment to relish this significant achievement because you're now one step closer to getting your book published. It doesn't matter that this is your first venture; there are numerous publishing houses eagerly searching for fresh voices and new perspectives. Below, we've compiled a list of 19 top publishers who are especially welcoming to first-time authors:
  1. Turner Publishing
    Located in Nashville, Tennessee, Turner Publishing has a history spanning nearly four decades. They are one of the most esteemed independent publishers in the U.S., with their titles available in over 55 countries. Turner Publishing encompasses multiple imprints, including Hunter House, Ramsey & Todd, and Keylight Books, producing both fiction and nonfiction works.
  2. Tin House
    Tin House, initially a magazine in 1999, expanded its presence in the publishing industry. It operates in Portland, Oregon, and releases a variety of titles, including poetry collections, literary nonfiction, and fiction. Tin House is particularly interested in unagented writers who have not yet published.
  3. Epicenter Press
    Epicenter Press has been the go-to source for nonfiction on Alaska and the surrounding region for over 30 years. Although primarily focusing on nonfiction, including biographies, history books, and true crime, Epicenter Press also offers notable fiction titles.
  4. The MIT Press
    The MIT Press, established six decades ago and headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is a global leader in scholarly publishing. It caters to intellectuals, researchers, and those interested in various academic fields, covering humanities, information science, social science, game studies, and design.
  5. Unnamed Press
    Unnamed Press, based in Los Angeles, California, has garnered recognition with award-winning titles. They focus on representing uncompromising, diverse, and socially conscious literary voices, spanning both fiction and nonfiction.
  6. Chronicle Books
    Chronicle Books, operating since 1967 in San Francisco, California, is a leading independent publisher. Their catalog encompasses a wide range of nonfiction categories such as entertainment, art, and lifestyle, along with both fiction and nonfiction for children.
  7. Tilbury House
    Originally known as Harpswell Press, this company transitioned into Tilbury House and is currently based in Thomaston, Maine. They have a significant selection of children's literature as well as adult works, focusing on instructional titles and writings about Maine.
  8. Holiday House
    Holiday House, established in 1935 in New York, is a renowned global publisher of children's literature. Their rich history provides classics and new titles that educate, entertain, and inspire young readers. Holiday House's extensive collection includes fiction and nonfiction, touching on themes such as cultural diversity, history, mathematics, and more.
  9. Uproar Books
    Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Uproar Books is dedicated to publishing sci-fi and fantasy titles. Despite their relatively short history since 2018, they have successfully launched titles beyond the U.S., covering a range of sub-genres within sci-fi and fantasy.
  10. Workman Publishing
    Workman Publishing, founded by Peter Workman in 1968, has expanded its market reach and portfolio over the decades. With eight imprints, they offer a wide array of titles, from self-help and business to young adult novels.
  11. Blind Eye Books
    Based in Bellingham, Washington, Blind Eye Books specializes in fiction with LGBTQ main characters, focusing on genres such as sci-fi, romance, mystery, and fantasy. Quality storytelling is paramount for this publisher.
  12. Chicago Review Press
    Chicago Review Press, founded by Curt and Linda Matthews nearly 50 years ago, focuses on nonfiction titles. They cover a wide range of subjects from history and true crime to social science, film, music, and politics.
  13. University of California Press
    Based in Oakland, California, UC Press promotes critical thinking, social progress, and knowledge development. Their publications span nonfiction, classic fiction, and various subjects, from Asian Studies to psychology, religion, and economics.
  14. Stone Pier Press
    Located in San Francisco, California, Stone Pier Press seeks to raise environmental awareness and understanding about food sustainability. Their portfolio includes books for adults and children, covering topics like sustainable practices and animal welfare.
  15. Apress
    Apress, situated in New York, New York, is a premier publisher for readers interested in computer technology. Their vast collection caters to a wide audience, offering the latest developments in areas such as game development, Python, machine learning, and enterprise software.
  16. DAW Books
    DAW Books, established by Donald A. and Elsie B. Wollheim over 50 years ago, specializes in sci-fi and fantasy, covering distinct sub-genres within these genres.
  17. Counterpoint Press
    Counterpoint Press, headquartered in Berkeley, California, offers unique fiction and nonfiction titles, breaking boundaries and providing fresh perspectives.
  18. Small Beer Press
    Small Beer Press, managed by Gavin J. Grant and Kelly Link in Easthampton, Massachusetts, is known for its eclectic titles and sustainable printing process, including both print and ebooks.
  19. Page Street Publishing
    Page Street Publishing, operating from Salem, Massachusetts, has a diverse collection of picture books and YA novels, in addition to nonfiction titles covering a range of topics, from vegan cooking to humor and hobbies.
  20. BlueRose Publishers
    Embarking on your journey as a first-time author can be a thrilling experience, and BlueRose Publishers is here to make it seamless and successful. As an established and cost-effective self-publishing firm located in Delhi, India, BlueRose is dedicated to supporting first-time authors across the nation, including major cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Patna, and Lucknow.
    BlueRose Publishers understands the diverse interests and aspirations of first-time authors. While they specialize in publishing novels and poetry, they have also curated dedicated teams for various other genres, including fiction, non-fiction, children's books, academic publications, and textbooks. Regardless of your chosen genre, BlueRose serves as your one-stop solution for all your publishing needs.
These publishers span a wide range of genres and interests, offering opportunities for first-time authors to share their voices and stories with the world. As you embark on your publishing journey, consider reaching out to these publishers who are open to new voices and fresh perspectives.