Charter flying is very different from simply buying a ticket on the local or national public aviation carrier.  Chartering an aircraft, although not the cheapest way to get from one place to another offers benefits that cannot be found anywhere else in the aviation industry.

Flying by charter differs from scheduled aviation and the national carriers in four basic areas.  

1.  It's more efficient.  High value or expensive personnel from a company may travel together and continue to conduct business.  The possibility of "closing the deal" while in route to a destination cannot be minimized.  Trying to get work accomplished while sandwiched between other people in a typical coach flight is almost impossible.  A useful and private business meeting can be held on board a chartered jet or propeller aircraft making the trip to your destination that much more efficient.  

2. To complicate matters, there's the issue of privacy and confidentiality.  There's a lot of data and information on your laptop that is probably confidential to the point where you wouldn't want someone looking over your shoulder to see what you're doing.  Trade secrets and privacy laws work against using commercial aircraft and flights for anyone intimately involved in large business deals.  Even first class accommodations doesn't offer the level of privacy that a charter air flight would provide you and your staff.  A useful and private business meeting on board a commercial airliner is all but impossible, and completing work confidentially or otherwise is more than a challenge.

3.  Flexibility of travel arrangements is the final big difference.  Instead of flying on the set schedule of the large commercial airlines, you fly when you want and where you want.  Charter air travel gives you the freedom to organize the trip around your needs.

When you fly scheduled airlines, you travel on the airline's schedule along with dealing with the inconvenience caused by flight delays, stop overs and plane transfers.  A charter flight can take you exactly where you want to go instead of the more typical routing through certain cities that airlines seem to love to do.  

4.  Safety and security.  Imagine, being able to use smaller airports without the problems of traffic congestion getting to and from your flight gate.  There's also not the worry of lost luggage or packages and the wait time to retrieve your luggage is next to zero.  

In this hectic rushing lifestyle, it's good to know that there are ways to stretch your time.  Increasingly more and more business and pleasure travelers are turning to the clear advantages of charter aircraft travel for both short and longer trips.  If time is money and you don't like wasting either, then it's time to take a look and consider an aircraft charter for your next important trip.